What LinkedIn Forums do you guys recommend for IT Jobs

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I love the fact that I found this forum. I'm scheduled to take my A+ on the 21st. In the meanwhile I would like to get a job before I get the A+. Are there any LinkedIn forums that recruiters frequent. What do you guys recommend is the best forum for getting IT Jobs for LinkedIn?


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    I have yet to find one.
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    First, make sure your LinkedIn profile is tailored to whatever jobs you want to be contacted about. If you have any experience, volunteer work, etc., put it on there. Start connecting to as many recruiters in your area as possible. I have connected to about 25 in the last week and 4 of them have already contacted me, two with possible opportunities.
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    @OP - not to state the obvious but hopefully you found the Jobs section of LinkedIn if you are looking for a job.
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    I have found minimal value in the various discussion groups, but I may be doing it wrong. The jobs section has been OK though and a well-rounded resume with a few recruiters added can help. I had a recruiter contact me (we were not previously connected) about a decent gig at a local University Hospital that was surprisingly relevant to what I was looking for and the interview was today, so sometimes the opportunities find you.
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    adam220891 wrote: »
    I have found minimal value in the various discussion groups, but I may be doing it wrong.

    I haven't looked in awhile, but this was my experience. All jibberish or asking for **** or nonsense. definitely no TE
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