The time you didn't save that important document

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So i was working the entire morning creating a project plan, probably spend 2-3 hours on it and then locked my computer to go make a quick bathroom break, when i came back my project plan was gone! Probably clicked do not save accidentally icon_sad.gif. Back to the drawing board and another 2-3 hours.


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    Google docs to the rescue!
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    ^ yep. Did all my WGU MSISA work on Google Docs looking to avoid this scenario.
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    That just happened!
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    I had a pretty complex setup going in GNS3 last night - building off of a few nights work....took a snapshot, reverted to an old snapshot, and it loaded into the current snapshot I had just taken. Couldn't find a way to restore anything, so I lost probably ~80% of the config. I guess snapshots don't work in GNS3 how I thought they should, or I'm just dumb icon_sad.gif
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    I spent like 3 hours working on the LLD of an expansion of an ISP me and my team had recently finished, it was key to get paid and a i locked my laptop and went for a cup of tea i stayed on the cafeteria for 20 minutos talking to a colleague i hadn't seen in a while as he is on the road always, and when i came back my laptop was on hibernation. I tried everything to bring it back to live and it didn't work.

    Lost like 2 of the 3 hours after the reboot. I felt so embarrassed that i did not save every 10 minutes.
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