A+ cert: self-study or take classes?

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Hi everybody, new poster here. Sorry if this topic already has other threads, didn't see any looking several pages back.

Any advice on my indecision would be greatly appreciated. I recently decided on pursuing an IT career after getting burnt out with teaching and tutoring math (have a BS in the subject). I plan on starting with what seem to be the standard certs (A+,N+,S+, and probably others). I was planning on starting continuing ed courses in a few weeks to prep for the exams, but I'm now thinking about doing at least the A+ studies on my own using popular resources (Meyers aio, Exam Cram, Messer vids, etc) as study guides.

I don't have a ton of IT experience, but technology comes pretty naturally to me, I'm very interested, and I like to tinker. My experience with computers aside from regular usage includes relatively minor things like hardware replacement and upgrades, reinstalling windows, setting up small household networks, light registry editing and command prompt entry, and a little programming (Java, C+). I've never built an entire computer or modified one significantly, but I did read a book called How Computers Work ten years agoicon_cheers.gif.

With my background, does anyone think I should save the cost of taking classes and do it myself or might the formal learning environment provide angles that I wouldn't learn going it alone? (I should mention that cost is not an issue, although I prefer to be thrifty if justified.) Thanks in advance.


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    Self study. A+ is mainly hardware, if you know how to build a computer and read a study guide to fill in what you don't know you shouldn't have a problem.
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    Just finished mine last week and passed both exams :)

    I used the Steve Fullmer 801 and 802 videos from Lynda.com and exam cram practice questions. They all suited my style of learning and did the job.

    Good luck with your studying and go pass those exams !!
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    I have been struggling with this question as well. Ed2go offers a class for $1600. That is pretty steep, but the way I look at it, it is well worth it if I pass the tests and get a job.

    Currently though I am just reading the All-in-One book and teaching myself. I am finding it very difficult and am considering the class. On the other hand it is inspiring to see so many people here who have passed without a formal course.

    Good luck to you.
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    Thank you all for your input. Looks like I'll probably go solo.

    @scrungy: Congrats and thx for the info.

    @thisissohard: Hang in there. Hopefully you're able to decide what the best option is.
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