Just passed 802- any questions or advice?

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Hello, I just came home from the testing center. I just passed the 802 and passed 801 earlier. The 802 that I took today has 77 total questions, 90 minutes. I have a degree in business but I wanted to switch a career in IT. Now that I'm A+ certified, I would like to begin my job search for any entry level desktop support/helpdesk, eventually I would like to become a network admin. Should I know focus on Network+ as my next certificate? Is security+ needed? Free free to ask any questions about the exam. Thank you all.:D


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    Congratulations on attaining your A+ certification. That is a great achievement and I wish you continued success!

    To answer your questions: I think it all depends on where you live and what the market wants. The CompTIA Triad, A+/Network+/Security+, are great if you are interested in IT but don't quite know what direction you want to go. If you have an idea of what you want to do, and it seems like you do, then going for a vendor certification might have a better ROI for you. In the US, the Network+ exam costs $277 while Cisco's CCENT and CCNA exams, combined, cost $300. Compared to the demand for a CCNA, Network+ doesn't even come close, in most markets at least. Naturally, the knowledge you would get studying for the Network+ is worthwhile but the CCNA knowledge will be much more in-depth and more employers appreciate it (even those without Cisco products in their network).

    Good luck and let us know what you plan to study for next!
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    Dear stryder144, thank you for your valuable information. I will begin my job search and decide which path is best for me. Since I don't have any IT job experience, do you think I can tackle the CCENT from now? Thank s
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    which would you say was harder 801 or 802?
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    I would say 802 for me because it involves troubleshooting and more concepts/terms to understand. But studying from 801 definitely helps because 802 builds upon that. I suggest use at least two different exam study books.
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    Congrats on the pass!

    What stryder144 said I also agree. It depends on the company/department you work for and what would benefit them. If you're just getting into the IT biz you'll more than likely start off at the bottom, which is help desk. Help desk varies as everyone has a different definition of it's title and functions. If you're working in a pure help desk environment your A+ should suffice along with some customer service experience. Some companies may have you also take another cert for help desk duties called the HDI. A lot of companies now are also adopting the ITSM/ITIL support structure which is another cert to look into (again, depending where you go to apply). Other help desk jobs are very technical and may require a specialized cert on top of your A+. That cert being Microsoft's MCSA and MCSE for Windows 7/8 desktop and Windows Server 2008/2012.

    Essentially you'll be starting from the bottom so and help desk/technical support jobs are essentially what will get your foot in the door. Most people get them via contract work which is the easiest way to obtain an IT job and get that first pro IT experience. After a year or so, if you're feeling capable and have obtained any of the other CompTIA certs (Net+, Sec+, Linux+) or your MCSA or CCENT you can try moving within the company (if hired permanently), build your experience, get high level certs, until you reach your desired goal.
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    I think shooting for the CCENT would be a good next step. As Spiegel noted, it really depends on the company. To be honest, there won't be much interest in the CCENT but it will show that you are progressing in your knowledge. Naturally, most companies would expect that once you finish the CCENT that you would be studying for the CCNA R&S test. So, be prepared to talk about your study plans and ambitions.

    If possible, try to volunteer your time at a suitable charity (places of worship, shelters, etc) and use that time to build up some experience. A lot of companies will understand that you don't have much experience but a lot of them seem to want at least some. So be creative when it comes to acquiring experience. Heck, some charities would love a certified technician to teach basic computer classes and help with maintaining their equipment, just get yourself out there. Not to mention, a lot of board members for charities are also business persons and they pay attention to those that help their favorite causes out.

    Good luck and happy studying!
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    Thank you Spiegel, your answers are very helpful.
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    Thanks stryder144, I will try my best and update my journey on this forum.
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