CompTIA A+ and LabSim Issues?

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Hi! So I was required to pass the A+ to pass two classes for school (JK0-801 and JK0-802) and the simulator we're given is LabSim provided by Testout. I passed both the 801 and 802 with little issue, but I noticed something sort of strange. Where I had done especially well on the provided LabSim practice tests (95% or higher on all domains/practice exam for both sections), while I passed my actual exam it was not by a large margin and for both tests none of the questions seemed remotely familiar - leaving me with a sinking feeling like I was bound to fail both parts and then being more shocked than anything that I had passed even though I had studied intensively. Most of the information I wound up using to pass the test had come from personal experience rather than what had been presented in LabSim.

I was told when I sat the 801 test and reported that the study materials hadn't seemed helpful that I was not the first student to bring the issue up and in talking to my other classmates they raised the same points: very different kinds of questions related to the areas covered (some also convinced that our study material did not address portions of the domains), and simulations not at all resembling those on the exam. My advisor has asked me to submit a report detailing what I thought of the materials as it seems my university (WGU) may be changing/updating them in the future. I plan to be honest that had I been in the situation of having no experience and only using LabSim I likely would not have passed, but I was wondering if anyone else who had taken the exam and used LabSim to study had a similar experience. The version we were given is the 2013 edition.

Mostly this leaves me terrified of my upcoming Project+ - I may end up skipping LabSim entirely for that and just buying the Pearson alternative plus the cram book.


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    Taking C393 and C394 right now. My mentor is new, but she said the materials should suffice to pass this exam. I don't see it being that difficult at all but I understand your point. If you aren't studying the right stuff, you can learn a whole lot about items that wont be on the exam. Let me know how you do on the Project +.
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