Passed mt first MTA exam

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Just passed 98-366 yesterday.

Gotta say I found it was a lot easier than I expected but in a weird way I also underestimated it slightly as it seemed to focus on areas that weren't covered much in the book/videos I watched. Couple of question about Frame Relay and X.25 but the rest were simple I was thinking I was missing something.

Got my 98-367 booked for next week then I start my next Open Uni degree module Cisco CCNA prep so hopefully I can focus on this and do well as I can get money off the exam if I get above a certain score during the module exams and day school sessions.



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    Awesome, congrats.
    good to have a good layer of foundation knowledge to build on.
  • nichotalnichotal Registered Users Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks :) Defo wanted to get the basic ones underneath me so I have an idea of how these things work before tackling the harder ones.

    I've got some prior IT experience as well but its been about 8 years since I worked in an IT role so trying to get back into it and finding I need to prove I've kept up with my knowledge on paper as I never sat any of these previously.
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    Congrats man looking to take 366 & 367 soon as Well.
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