Taking the VCPD510 in about three weeks

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Long time no see, TE community!

I attended the VMware Horizon View bootcamp at PEX earlier this year. There wasn't a requirement at the time for me to go take the VCP-DT and I wasn't exactly inclined (at the time I only touched VDI for 5-10% of my workday). Since then, I've moved into a role at my firm where I am spending significantly more time with View, and I feel like I need to grab this cert while I can. The exams for VCP5 retire November 30, so I am studying like mad for the next few weeks and taking the aggregate test (VCPD510).

Until I started getting serious about taking the test, my training consisted of the bootcamp + a fair amount of OJT. I've also now grabbed Linus Borque's VCP5-DT book and gone through it while taking notes. I'm looking for a good way to spend my last three weeks and change (test is September 11).

Has anyone taken the VCPD510, and if so what material did you like the best? The exam blueprint is massive as it includes 90% of the blueprint for the VCP5-DCV as well as everything for View, which threw me for a loop. My employer will pay for some study material so I'm thinking of grabbing the Boson practice lab. There are a few VCP5-DCV books that I have collected mostly by accident and I'm skimming those for objective items, but I don't really have time to plow through another large book before test day. I could push back the test, but I do want to give myself time to study for a retake if I bomb it.

Any advice is appreciated! This community was super helpful when I was going through the CCNA a couple years ago (and since I have to recert that before next summer I'll probably be around here a lot while I prep for ROUTE v2).
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    While I do have the VCP-DT, I didn't actually take the test (took the VCAP-DT instead), I don't imagine the test will be any different to the VCP-DCV. It looks like you've picked the right books, I'd go through the blueprint with a fine tooth comb and cover every bit of it. You dont need more material either, just lab it up as much as possible while going through the various VMware pdf's for View. Good luck!
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    How did you do today?
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