Failed CCIE Security Written

jovan88jovan88 Member Posts: 393
741/1000 with a passing mark of 825. I'm just bummed that the exam is so expensive.

This was the first Cisco exam I've failed and I really needed the wake up call that I need to study more. I tried to get this out of the way ASAP to start diving into the lab study.

It's the security protocols that got me, getting really see into specifics of every day protocols was something I didn't anticipate for. Also knowing and comparing RFCs and security standards, bleh..

This exam blueprint covers so much ground, but I now know what type of questions to expect.

Here's to round two!

Infrustructure Connectivity and Security: 80%
Security Protocols: 40%
Application Security: 60%
Threats and Mitigation: 60%
Cisco Security Products, Features, Management: 65%
Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions: 65%
Security Policies and Procedures and Standards: 60%


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