PMP Exam Concerns

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Hello Everyone, I am preparing for my PMP Exam coming up in the next 17-days. I have been taking some practice exams both paid and free but my grades has been between 70% and 79% averagely on different test services. I have been using PMBOK-5 as main and core book, read Rita Once but dumped it because it is too wordy and been watching series of videos on Youtube by iZenBridge, CBT Nuggets and David Litten I read from different forums and blogs that "to be sure you're ready for the PMP exam, make sure your practice test scores averages between 75% to 80% on the average. I will love to know if am still on track in passing as it seems thats the best I can do. Please I will appreciate your feedback's.


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    Hi, That's what I have read as well. I am going to try for the CAPM first and then the PMP. Could you let me (well all of us) know how you make on your test? Also, could you let me know what resources you are using for the paid and free practice tests? There are so many of them it is hard to know which are good and which are not.

    I picked up rita's capm book, the Velociteach kit as well as the pm prepcast by cornelius fitchner (spelling may be off).
    Thank you and wishing you the best of luck!
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    I am doing CAPM first.
    for capm using ed2go for my 35 contact hours.
    Also using ed2go/llu for pmp1 and pmp2 prep to help me keep moving thru material.
    in addition, have access to cbtnuggets.
    books purchased are PMBOK 5, Rita's capm book and head first PMP book for deeper studies on targeted areas where I want to understand more.
    also looked at apple apps and found what appears to be a good quiz application by pocket??? About $20
    cbtnuggets appears to have 2 practice tests for capm that I have not tried yet.

    to help emerge myself in material, I bought composition book for each knowledge area to take notes on cbtnuggets videos and to summarize material and terms in my own notes. There are suggestions to make flash cards of various areas too.
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    Hello guys,I am looking for a PMP study partner.I have also put my study schedule and profile on . I've also signed up for the PMP webinar in case you guys are planning to go for it.Just respond in case you are interested.
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