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Interesting to see some of the thoughts on Mike Meyers Network+. I used the All-In-One and then after taking a few practice exams on the web decided the book did not cover enough. I bought the Sybex book, read it cover to cover and passed the exam, but probably wouldn't have on just the Mike Meyers book alone. I did like his All In One for A+ though. Did anyone else have this experience?


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    FYI: There are 2 Mike Meyers Network+ books.

    1. Network+ All-in-one by Mike Meyers - I believe he actually wrote this book. It is a full study guide.

    2. Mike Meyers Network+ Passport - this book was actually written by someone else with Mike Meyers Passport being the name of the series. It is more along the lines of the Exam Cram style of books.

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