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Did anyone start at a technical or vocational school? How was your experience and did you count it as experience on your resume or used it in anyway to get a job? How are you doing now?
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    I went to a local community college for networking since it was affiliated with Cisco's Network Academy program. I listed it as my education/course-work.

    Im actually doing quite well, I graduated last summer and got a full time job a month before my graduation. Keep in mind I did do internships with 2 other companies in my city to get my feet wet in IT. I only got the internships since my school hooked me up with their connections in the industry. Im currently an IT technician for my city's transportation company. I do a wide variety of things from networking, server and desktop support.
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    I went to tech school and got an A.A.S. in Information Technology. It served me well from Help Desk to System Administration. I did eventually run into a wall and had to get a Bachelor's for management positions and may have to get a Master's some day. No matter what you do experience is king in IT.
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    I definitely plan on going to WGU after school. But I do worry about not having experience. I should have an internship lined up next semester.
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    I'm in business school right now studying information systems. I never went to a technical school even though a few years ago, I had been really close to attending one right near my home. I was looking into programming at that time, but then got more interested in accounting at first. I kind of have a few regrets about not doing it at the time.
    Working on CCENT and nearly almost there. Retake in December and pass, then after that, study for ICND2 and work on CCNA Security and look into Microsoft certifications. No previous IT certs.

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  • byron66byron66 CCNA, CCNA SECURITY, A+, N+, SEC+ San AntonioMember Posts: 169 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I honestly wise I went to technical school instead of starting off in college. I feel more motivated about school now doing hands on projects than doing papers.
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