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I know a lot of people push CBT nuggets. I can't afford $100 a month right now, and they dont' offer "ala carte" options for just 1 module.

What is a good alternative? INE, train signal etc?

Thanks for any input.


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    INE is $99 a month.

    trainsignal is nearly that cost.

    Udemy might be a better option.
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    Depends on the topic you're studying. Several decent free options out there, as well as lower cost options.
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    I believe you can sample a video of the courses from both pluralsight(which purchased trainsignal) and INE from that you can base which trainer you prefer. Can't say which is better as I used the old CBT nuggets video for the CCNA coupled with a study guide but that was for the older version. As long as you are using a book as a main source I'm sure whichever video series you choose will assist you in your training.
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    Just took a look pluralsigh is $30/month which isn't to bad considering you get access to entire library but I don't now how their material is. With CCNA there are a boatload of options you could take a look at the chris bryants video on udemy everyone praises his series it usually runs a special for that course between $10 - $30. Whichever place you choose just watch a sample video and see if its something you see yourself learning from.
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    get a CCNA book by sybex todd lammle and packet tracer dats wat all u need
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    Check out Udemy then.
    This guys on Udemy is free Sikandar Shaik CCNAx 200-120 Routing and Switching, I came across it after I was just about done studying for the ICND2 but it looks better than many of them. Often they run specials for under $20.00 so you could keep looking and grab a few more. Lifetime viewing.
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    Thanks for all the ideas guys and the fast response! Will do
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    Check out ITpro TV, much cheaper and great content. Been using them for the past few weeks.
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    Also be sure to check out Cybrary: https://www.cybrary.it/course/cisco-ccna/

    I've only seen a couple of their videos so far, but you can't beat free and I love them for making an alternative to these super expensive platforms.
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    itdvds.com is $25 a month and has pretty good material.
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    jackwalsh wrote: »
    I know a lot of people push CBT nuggets. I can't afford $100 a month right now, and they dont' offer "ala carte" options for just 1 module.

    What is a good alternative? INE, train signal etc?

    Thanks for any input.

    I have just signed up for an iPExpert account for $29 a month - which gives me all CCNA/CCNP content, which I'm using for my DC studies! It's very good and a snippet of CBT Nuggets.

    I have an account with my organisation for CBT Nuggets and it's very good but I probably wouldn't pay $99 a month for it.

    Are you studying for your CCNA?
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    I would look at Pluralsight.

    IT pro tv


    I agree that CBT Nuggets is really expensive.

    Most of the places I listed above have a trial offer/period.

    Good Luck
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    I think that you can find the best resources here:


    CCNA and CCNP video series from Chris Bryant for less than 50$.

    Consider his book on Amazon to diversify your source of information.

    P.S: Do not forget GNS3Vault.com

    Kind Regards.
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    I find Udemy can be a bit hit and miss as to quality. If you are in no hurry, and who is this time of year, wait till INE and IPexpert (and probably others) have their Christmas sales, always a good time to pick up a bargain. INE do a 12 days of Christmas Sale with a different product on sale each day till the 25th, then usually offer those and others post Christmas for 5-10 days. Sign up for their newsletters and let them come to you.
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    CBT Nuggets and INE are the best, that is the bottom line. Udemy videos are all pretty poor quality in comparison. I've watched Chris Bryants series, honestly not that great. But he does answer questions on the discussion board for his videos. Regardless, videos alone won't cut it. A good study guide and videos and labs combined is the best course of action.
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    I've found the video series from Kevin Wallace to be quite good and the videos are broken into manageable chunks of about 5 - 10 minutes. You can get them from Pearson IT for $319.99 but I've found it's better to go for an annual subscription of $199 with Safari as you get access to a library of books and videos.
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    The pay for options are the best, but there are plenty of people out there creating content for free on Youtube.

    When I did CCNA there weren't many options for videos (200icon_cool.gif, I made do with just the book and some routers.
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    I was going to say the same as @gorebrush. When I got to a topic I wasn't 100% clear on, like OSPF or troubleshooting, searching youtube for the topic really helped.
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    Come on man your in IT and dont know how to get alternatives to purchasing CBT nuggets for 100$? Do what you gotta do thats all I'll say on that. I did and then purchased CBT nuggets afterwards when I had money to do so.
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