I failed ICND1 couple days ago :(

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Could you please guys suggest or recommend some practice exam trusted resources , since I did't practice a lot of questions and I get confused during the test. I did practice only with Boson Exam , but I didn't find it enough to take the test. All I want guys that you give some websites , books or software names for purchasing them.

Appreciate your responds


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    Sorry to hear about your situation... however, I think I can help.

    When I prepared for this test, I used the following resources:

    1. Official Cisco CCENT / CCNA Cert Guide from Cisco Press (Wendell Odom) - read the whole book!

    2. Cisco CCENT 100-101 Network Simulator

    3. Also purchased Cisco CCENT Complete Video course (pretty expensive - but Kevin Wallace is awesome!)

    4. A friend let me borrow his CBT Nugget videos on ICND1.

    If you can only afford 2 things from my list - I would definitely spend the money on items #1 and #2.

    Reading Wendell Odom's book and then practicing in the simulator helped me a great deal. The videos were just icing on the cake - but they helped clarify difficult topics.

    Good luck!
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    Todd Lammle was fantastic for ICND1 but I had to use multiple resources for ICND2 as I didn't feel it covered enough.
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    Thank you guys for your replies... I did use Lammle book and Cisco PT software . I just needed some extra exam questions for practicing


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    Look at Transcender practice exams for ICND1: https://www.transcender.com/practice-exam/cisco/100-101.kap. If I had to give you suggestions in regards to what to study more based on when I took my exam, I would say focus your time on subnetting in a troubleshooting scenario, understanding how to apply concepts in the book based on real world networks and finding out what is wrong with them. Ex: steps for setting up protocols etc. Look at sample configs and find out what is wrong with them. It is hard to know because I don't know the questions you were asked and it is hard to give proper advice without breaking the NDA. I have a feeling I know the questions that got you stumped and I wish I could tell you how to answer them icon_sad.gif My best guess would be to focus on troubleshooting, network device security, and IP routing and you should be good to pass your next time around. If you get at least 70% or above in an area you should be ok to at least "pass" the exam.
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    I agree, Wedell Odom's book is Amazing. Definitely worth every penny. Also, I am a huge fan of Jeremy Ciora on CBTnuggets.

    But all the resources listed in this thread are really good, good luck on the next attempt!
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    you have to write out the subnet table on the dry erase pad before starting the exam. then you can find the CIDR's, network & broadcast ID's and IP ranges in seconds.
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    I have Passed guys , I thank you very much for your help and advice
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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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