Failed 70-685 today score 547

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Well I have to say that the 70-685 exam is pretty tough, I was very confident before taking the exam with the training kit and Measure UP will helped me to pass it. I ve had 50 questions which last 2hours and 30mn.

One thing for sure if you register with Measure UP and you decide to buy their practice questions/answers + explanations and you passed their test couple times, that won't help you to pass it the real one. 70-685 exam is quite difficult. You will be surprised that all questions are very different.

The questioning are so different what I have seen with Measure UP or with the CD which is part of the training kit 70-685.

My advice, you really need to understand all topics. Practice with labs and different material books.

I will re take my exam for free with the Microsoft special offer within 30 days from today.

Good luck everyone,


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    I Passed mine 3rd time around ! don't give up master your weakness from the test results....More labs and practice test..
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    @=kouevi1979. You will be surprised that all questions are very different.

    The questions SHOULD be different. Otherwise, that would be cheating. Candidates who chose to use practice questions are merely testing their understanding of the concepts not looking to memorize test banks of questions. We are all trying to become better techs.
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    Thank you very much, If I may, would you be able to tell me which materials you used to be prepare for this exam please. I feel so frustrated of my failure.

    Thanks again
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    Thanks Plantwiz for your comment. It is definitely a misunderstanding, I was just trying to let others as ( first time MS certificate
    70-685) to take their time to practice MS materials training kit.

    I am not TRYING to be smarter than anyone specially from someone who just failed his exam ME. it is very frustrated and I know it is not a chat room.

    Bottom line, I just wanted to have some little help from anyone who passed the exam and what material do I need to use to be prepare for my second shot.

    Thank you
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    Hi Kouevi, I'll be taking this exam in the next couple of months. Were there any areas that you were particuarly surprised by on the test? Good luck next time, too.
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    Here's my experiences on studying for and taking the latest MS exams. I passed Windows 8.1 70-687 exam after ten weeks of studying (on and off, some days 2 hours and some days 10 hours. A few days off here and there). Labbed most things except the areas most difficult to replicate such as Branchcache, VPN, DirectAccess and some others. I bought the green exam ref book and the MOAC lab books. I read bits of technet and used MeasureUp test exams. I also used Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets online videos.

    The good.... CBT Nuggets and Pluralsight videos. They go into a lot of detail but I needed to go through them 2 or 3 times.

    The bad.... The green exam ref book. Horrible book full of links and so dry it was hard to read. MeasureUp test exams. Truly horrendous experience and the questions format was nothing like the real exam. I spent most of my time sending the company feedback on incorrect information in the questions. In some ways though it did make me check up on the topics and find out more.

    When it came to the real exam I felt the questions were much more fair.

    I am now in final studying phase before 70-680 exam on Friday. For this I bought the two MOAC books (official course and lab books).
    I have used the free videos on Youtube by Professor Messer and Freeittraining - both excellent - over 100 videos.

    Labbed stuff to death and spent a lot of time working on deployment area.

    This time purchased the Transcender test exams and they seem to be more like the MS format but very difficult with lots of multiple choice options (pick three out of twelve !!!)

    The two areas I struggle with the most are VPN with all the protocols and settings. Cannot make sense out of any of it !
    The other one is certificates !!! No matter how many times I read up on them I just don't get it !
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    I feel you, got a 554.

    Cramming and labbing now while the test is still fresh in my head, though I know the questions will mostly be different.

    I found the CBT Nuggets videos to be a good refresher on the technologies, but don't use it as your only form of study as it is very broad.

    The MS Press book is more in depth, but the practice questions and exam are out dated and will not adequately prepare you for the real exam. It also leaves out a lot of technology and I've heard has a large errata. I honestly wish Microsoft took CompTIA's approach and updated their training materials as their exam changes.

    I've heard Measure UP is good, but I'm not willing to pay the extra $$.

    I'm not sure what kind of environment you work in, but if it's ITIL based throw all of that out of the window. Be prepared to answer the Microsoft way and not the way you normally troubleshoot, even if you've resolved an issue 100x. Also except your end users to be computer whizzes that can go in and basically perform your job for you at times. Just my perceptions when going back and studying again and realizing some of the answers to these questions make no sense to me logically at all.

    Just my two cents. Good luck!
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