Ec-counsil-CEH- himself is confused

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In the EC-COUNCIL WEB, the version of the CEH content has been updated to v9. There dipsonible material in the web of the new verion and withdrawn and v8. but in the exam still says that the version has not changed or simply the CEH exam is not based on any version, they say one thing and do another !!!!

Yesterday I passed the test and I failed with 67%, the test is v9 and has very little to do with the v8.
I lread much people feels the same, I think it's a Ec business council, as every time you buy an exam, you have to pay $ 500, it is unfair !!!!


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    mirak wrote: »
    Yesterday I passed the test and I failed with 67%

    Is this possible? :D
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    E Double U wrote: »
    Is this possible? :D

    It's Schrodinger's test
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    OP is several weeks late to the whole v8 vs. v9 vs. "there are no versions" fiasco.
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    mirak wrote: »

    Yesterday I passed the test and I failed with 67%,

    Congrats! and, I'm sorry!
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    Congrats..... I think.
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    So if you pass, then take it again and fail, which score stands.....hmmmmm
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    lmao Schrodinger's cat*
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