An Absolute VMware Newbie; Where on earth do I start?

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Hello, folks. I've been at the same company for 10+ years, and this year we will be virtualizing about 90% of our servers. As someone who has never had to really think about that, where does one begin to learn about VMware? Gotta start at the beginning. My end goal is to get some sort of certification, but right now, I just need to know the basics. Unfortunately, that's all the info I have, as far as version we'll be using, etc., etc. Like always, your feedback is appreciated.


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    I am reading Mastering VMWare vSphere. It's a long book but really covers a god bit of the basics. Also, VMWare has a hands on lab that is free.

    VMware Learning Platform

    If you can swing it, a home lab would help, also.
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    Order this book and start reading Best way to start understanding. Will probably take you 3 weeks to read, it's only 540 pages long.

    Click on my blog link in my signature below and check out some of my postings, should help you get a grasp on things.
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    This is great. Thank you both.
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    Agree with the above posts - mastering VMware is a great starting point.

    Since you are doing this for work I would suggesting looking at possible resources in your area in case you hit a snag. You said you are going to virtualize in VMware but do you already have an environment setup? Are you doing this from scratch? I ask because if you already have a VMware environment and you have a support contract if you run into a snap you can call VMware for support. If you don't have either of those I would suggest looking at some local resources (whether asking at your local VMUG event or looking into consultants) to discuss your project plan. I'm suggesting this because what you don't want to do is implement this wrong and have to deal with it being wrong - or you don't want to try and virtualize something and it not work and have a production server offline.

    It's a HUGE difference from implementing a vmware environment from the ground up compared to already having it in place and just using the virtualization tool to convert the physical machine to virtual. Two completely different tasks, the first being much more complicated.
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    To get acquainted with VMware virtualization, I suggest you take a look at CBT Nuggets VCA-DCV course by Keith Barker. He clearly explains what is involved with VMware virtualization. From there, you can progress to CBT Nuggets VCP6-DCV course by Keith Barker which dives in deeper.
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