CompTia A+ 800 or 900 -- does it matter?

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I just have a quick question regarding CompTia A+ 800 vs 900 series. I know that 800 series will retire at June 30, 2016 and I have planned to take my exam on 800 series by April or May. So my question is – does it matter which series I am taking? That being said, will it make any impact on job finding if I take the 800 series instead of 900 series? Thank you!


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    It does not matter which one you take at the end all it matters is the certification, nobody is going to ask you which series you took, as they both lead you to the same certification. It will have no impact on job findings.

    I think that 800 is probably easier than 900, and that most people are going to go that route, but be careful as you have to pass both 800 series exams to get a certification before June 30. It will not be possible to obtain in with 801 and 902, you cannot mix series. Therefore, if you are able to study for them and take both exams before June, go for it.
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    I took my 802 today. I asked the lady at the front desk this same question. If you have already taken the 801 and passed, you will take the 802 (unless you wait until it expires). The 900 series will incorporate linux, unix, iOs, OSX, and android. I think A+ is A+ in terms of series of the test in the employers eyes...but in terms of being pragmatic...there is WAYYYYYYY MORE information out there on the 800 series than the new 900 series. I'd take advantage before it expires ; )
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    Thank you. Yeah I am going for 800 then :)
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