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  • Indeed is indeed the best job search engine IMO, no pun intended. Monster is like a spam mailing list for a bunch of work at home schemes. Dice is ok, but not as comprehensive as Indeed
  • Like it or not, appearance is your first impression. I agree with all of the customer facing job comments. Spent 20 years in the Army and have zero tattoos, just not my thing. However, as long as they are covered it’s a mute point during an inter…
  • I haven’t take the test yet, but I had the same question a few days ago. At first I found subnetting rather confusing considering there is about 20 different ways to do it, it was frustrating also. My approach was to go over the various methods un…
  • pham0329 wrote: » if you're on salary, coming in on Saturday during major rollout is not that uncommon. That is understandable within reason, but if your salary some employers think that you should work whenever and however they choose. Gr…
  • We must have worked for the same Company? Get paid for 40 hours and expected to work 80+ hours, weekends and holidays. I was in the same boat up until earlier this year. It caused too much stress on me and my family almost to the point of divorce.…
  • I found that the practice tests in Exam Cram and online are a good reference for where you stand the first or maybe the second time you take them, but not after that. Then it becomes more of a memorizing that specific question, which isn’t going to…
  • AU5 wrote: » Did either of 701 or 702 focus more on outdated technologies than current stuff? A lot of the practice exams I've been taking seem to ask the most irrelevant questions about outdated technologies. I understand some questions like that…