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  • vinbuck wrote: » That's not entirely true.... Two uplinks from a switch to two different routers in the same VLAN will be in a forwarding state. There has to be a loop in the topology to block a link. The OP is talking about putting in a /30 an…
  • thanks. Well yeah if there wouldn't be that much of difference between the 2 blades ~ 10k USD.
  • angel.oa wrote: » the data sheets of each model in the cisco page doesn't help you? Cisco Catalyst 3750 Data Sheet* [Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches] - Cisco Systems Thanks! Though I'm searching for a site which lists all the alp…
  • Forsaken_GA wrote: » With that being said, as long as your CCIE wasn't on the Flip camera track, I think you'll be fine. . I Lol'd
  • Very interesting topic that you have brought up... I always try to get up from my chair and move a bit around the office atleast once in an hour, but usually when I'm about to stand up I get a ping or a phone in that second, or I don't even have a c…
  • inSecure.ro wrote: » Hungarian?!:)) I am from Romania, his wife is from ROMANIA! Not Hungary Hungar!= Romania. We are getting off topic. Btw hermeszdata, your wife is talented, but maybe change her website. I made Oil Paintings For Sale, …
  • inSecure.ro wrote: » He, she must be really pretty. Most girls from Romania are beautiful no?!:) Thank you all for all of the congratulations. I will try to help this forum as i can. Are you actually speaking hungarian also?
  • clikcspeed wrote: » Congrats man! Whats next? probably I'll go get a grab on ccip, starting with mpls
    in finally CCNP Comment by Akiii March 2011
  • I'm taking the exam tomorrow, check out this TSHOOT Demo Item
  • great thread the best is with the accesspoint
  • Ahh found out that theres some checkscript which goes through the DL after some time and it checks for the type of the accounts which got newly added, and I believe that I don't have the valid account type for that distribution list
    in DL issue Comment by Akiii February 2011
  • Vue 25kmes in the deep of Paris
  • He's probably still celebrating *< : - )
  • subnet, subnet, subnet
  • stuh84 wrote: » That doesn't sound right, "switchport trunk allowed vlan" was in the CCNA I'm sure. Then pardon me : o)
  • xenodamus wrote: » I just had a phone interview for a Jr. Network Engineer position that is Cisco focused and wanted to share the technical questions that I was thrown. I figure those hanging around this forum would be interested to know. 1) Ex…
  • cspster wrote: » I bought a 2611 on ebay. the router has a username and password set up. I tried to reset the password in rommon but after I ran the copy start run command I was in privilege mode but it asked for a password. I want to completel…
  • wow! I've just find Chris's lab, with every information. I think I'll put this together tomorrow..
  • go get used to putty
  • That's a local private ip address wich cannot be routed to the internet so yes you're modem acts as a NATting device!. And if you don't have any external dhcp server then probably your LAN interface on the modem is configured for acting as a dhcp.
  • what telnet sw are you using?
  • tiersten wrote: » Script it using Tcl if your switch supports it or do it via SNMP externally using whatever your favourite scripting language is. thanks I'll look after it!
  • NullCode wrote: » I hope these can help you: #sh int counters #sh int | i packets tiersten wrote: » I assume your problem is that you're looking for ports on your switch which have a combination of nothing on a port, something activ…
  • chmorin wrote: » What do you mean by 'in use'? The odds that a node plugged into the network is not sending something over the network periodically is very slim. What exactly are you trying to find out? There are ways to count the types of data be…
  • Switches are advertising wich vlans are active to their neighbour switches. Neighbouring switches will just prune the vlans wich are not active on the other side of the trunk. This is how it goes, it saves bandwidth and thats all, I don't think that…
  • rogue2shadow wrote: » This is even more confusing . Basically if you didn't ****, Cisco won't have a reason to ban you. If they're delayed in reporting your score, it could be any number of factors that are just out of the test center's control…
  • Nope, sorry if I confused you.. I'm talking about if someone passed the test, and cisco really check your score poits if there were accurate or not or do they check the videorecords of your exam center if you've cheaten or not. I was just curious…
  • No, I was just wondering if someone might ever saw some testtaker who got banned due to **** ,because from my point of view till you pay the exam fee (from Cisco's point) they will not really pay attention on rechecking your exam etc.
  • You must have a good knowledge about SDM, where to find the buttons for example setting up vpn, zone based firewalls, acls, etc. Grab some 800 series router and go for it!
  • networker050184 wrote: » You can have a read here. Cisco IOS IP Application Services Configuration Guide, Release 12.4 - Configuring VRRP [Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.4 Mainline] - Cisco Systems thankyou!