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  • At the time I could not find the book everyone has been reading. Barns n Noble was sold out. INstead I got CompTIA Security+ by Glen E. Clarke. Do you guys think that will work as well? I also have been watching the Professor Messer videos.
  • Thanks a bunch! I went to Barns n Noble to check out the book, but they were sold out and couldn't find it anywhere else. So I bought the CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide. Already started digging through it and once I am finished I will s…
  • I got it thanks. I was at work and was unable to really surf the internet. I was doing this on my phone when I had a free minute. Thanks for being helpful
  • Awesome thanks! I will go check that out. I am wanting to knock this out as fast as possible so I can focus on other things related to the job
  • Sec+ Darril Gibson's book and Prof Messer
  • Do you guys know were I can get this information or buy it?
  • Thanks a lot I will check into those two items. I haven't started the job yet. I still have a few weeks so I am trying to get a head start on this. You folks have been a big help. I appreciate it!
  • Thanks. I need to find out if they want me to take 70-680 or 70-685 now
  • Thank you good sir. I will check this out!
  • That I do not know. It is with Dell. I am going to be Tier 2 Helpdesk. Not sure if they are going to train me and expect me to study at home. If they let me do it at work that would make me feel much better.