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  • utkgrad wrote: » I am in the process of changing career at the age of 36. Just wanting to get some advice on which certifications are in most demand? I have a couple of different paths I can take: 1. There is a local CC that is offering a CCNA…
  • Can't edit on my phone! Meant to say I'll have 3 years exp and sa by Christmas!
  • Ok this question is slightly self related! Ill be Mcipt:sa certified with three years network admin experience (exchange, ad, file/print, firewall, SQL, phone, project, support) and basically everything that comes with it. I work with one othe…
  • Lets say for a junior network administrator/server/third level support role...
  • Do it. It's just one exam among your lots! Any extra knowledge is a big +. It may be asked why you skipped it by an employer should they require such exams. Btw your schedule is insane
    in Mcitp-sa Comment by Sykk August 2011
  • As the rest of the guys said - it's nothing to do with your career. Speak with your direct manager and tell him you're going to work the hours that have been specified on your contract (if you got one). And if they require more time, they must pa…
  • I changed it! Please do not throw salami pizza away.. Guess because you can't really get sausages on a pizza
    in OSI model Comment by Sykk July 2011
  • Thanks a lot mate. You've been extremely helpful.. I couldn't get answers to these questions anywhere!
  • djfunz wrote: » Be thankful Ireland is a member the EU. That is a big help right there. Your chances are already better that mine were because of Visas. Going further however you have two options. Learn German to at least the B1 or B2 level at …
  • djfunz wrote: » The system is just different here. I wouldn't go so far as to say nobody here will consider a candidate without a Degree or Ausbildung, it's just very difficult. In Germany one needs "training" to do anything career wise. If you wa…
  • djfunz wrote: » If you're planning on moving to Germany, you will need either a Degree or an Ausbildung to work here. I was lucky to have a very good connection within the company to find something. Without education on paper it's very hard to fin…
  • Try "restore subtree ou=OUName,dc=banana=internal" - That should do it, I don't think you can restore "subtree" then use it to restore the whole database. One of my weaker parts of my 640. Someone correct me if I'm wrong?
    in AD Backup Comment by Sykk July 2011
  • Hypntick wrote: » Congrats on the pass! What resources aside from the book did you use? Well in work we have a DL580 with two dual-quad core processors and 28 gig of RAM that's barely being scratched! My boss has no problem with me runn…
    in 640 Next week! Comment by Sykk July 2011
  • I Passed!! 860/1000 Delighted! I'll take a weeks break before I start studying for the 642 now
    in 640 Next week! Comment by Sykk July 2011
  • Typo in my post, my exam is this morning at 11. On the bus in and my laptop just died!!! Ugh I'd better pass this.. Wish me luck!
    in 640 Next week! Comment by Sykk July 2011
  • How did the exam go?
  • Megadeth4168 wrote: » MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician on Windows 7 MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 7 IMO these two are pretty pointless.. As an IT administrator you're generally expected to be able to deal wit…
  • Hey, There is no pre-req for any of the SA exams(640, 642, 646), nor the EA afaik but someone else can confirm this for you
  • Ah.. My question was actually regarding fine grained password policies.. Didn't know they were regarded as different from other policies. Cheers
  • Awh that sucks.. Which topics were you unsure of.. Another week of review should surely be enough to go back and nail it.
    in Failed 70-640 Comment by Sykk July 2011
  • Aye - What material did you study? Have you worked with AD for long in a work environment? Sorry to hear, what was your result /1000?
  • Thanks I'll report back with my results in any case
    in 640 Next week! Comment by Sykk July 2011