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  • I do have A+ and I passed the 70-640 test last year. I passed that one on the first attempt. I have never been a good test taker but I will keep at it. I want this cert... I really think nerves had a lot to do with it.
  • I am going to study for about 2 more weeks.. I really hated to fail but now I know what it is about and wont be so nervous next time.
  • I didnt do a lot of labbing... I studied alot, problem I have is my memory is not great. I have a fair amount of experience with win7.. I seemed to get obscure questions and a lot of command line type questions. I am going to keep at it.. I think I …
  • Congrats!! What exactly is Testout 70-680 mentored learning course, I have an idea but was wondering what you used. Thanks
  • wweboy wrote: » Usually practice exams are harder than the actual test. Although when using Trancender in the past It was pretty comparative I actually had one or two questions that were closely worded or similar to the questions I had seen in Tra…
  • I was wondering if anybody knows anything about this book. Wiley::70-680: Windows 7 Configuration Any input would be great. Thanks
  • za3bour wrote: » Congratulations, what method did you use for study ?what's your next exam? I like the 700 club.. Its a good club.. I just passed on the Aug 12th. So for a min I will take a break. But I will go on to obtain MCITP. I want …
  • Plantwiz wrote: » The class you signed up for, does it cover MCITP? Perhaps being that it is a 'course' you are getting prep for the certification of MCITP?? Rather then one single exam. Yes, a candidate can ONLY prep for one exam at a time by …
  • How many hrs a day and times a week ae you guys putting in to this?
  • Ok thanks, I like all the feed back. Thank you. I will incorporate what you guys have posted..