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  • From taking a cursory look at your experience it seems like your experience matches up the most with the domain "Operations Security". The thing with the CISSP though, is that they want certain things they want you to learn "their" way. Experienc…
  • Agreed. Although it's tempting to try and get away with studying some domains more than others, or skimping over some domains, I found that the test really did cover all domains equally.
    in Domains Comment by flippedman May 2011
  • I would say Shon Harris' AIO 5th edition is a must-have. I also used Eric Conrad's 11th hour CISSP study guide, and I must say I found it to be concise, relevant, and almost complete.
  • I have attached two documents (my study strategy and my actual study plan) which I hope will be useful for anyone preparing for the CISSP exam. Let me know if you have any questions!
  • Passed!!! I'm pretty happy right now. From the start of studying to taking the exam was about 3 months. I will go into more detail later.
  • Congrats Kmdickinson! I just received word this morning as well....will post results in my thread "CISSPassed"
  • Which forum? Thanks.
  • Really? I've been checking my email quite a bit and have not seen anything from ISC2. I've even checked my spam email.
  • Watching the prep video by Clement, he mentions focusing on the high level concepts rather than the details, would you say this is true? Also, from browsing the forums, most people who have taken the test seem to think the most-focused on domains…
  • Moe, After 6-months of studying, do you feel like the concepts were ingrained into your head enough to answer the questions on the test confidently?
  • ishekhar, How many months beforehand did you start studying?
  • I haven't even taken the test but I know I was weak in Cryptography, so I decided to make it a little fun and bought a book on the history of Cryptography. I read "The Code Book" by Simon Singh. It's a fun read, puts the history of Cryptography into…