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  • WOW!!!! 2 weeks after due date and I still haven't tested! I've been so busy. I just wanted to let ya'll know that I havent tested yet. I haven't studied like I wanted. It's been crazy around here. I'm actually taking a cisco class now. I need to go…
  • shednik wrote: good luck on the exam...the technotes are great what else have you used for your studies? I used the book in class. I have the Network + all in one guide by M Myers. I'm also using the technotes, preplogic, and measureUp. …
  • Anytime you see SX (*short haul) .. that means MMF. LX (*long haul) means SMF Correct me if I'm wrong. Just how I learned it. A LX Module needs SMF and a SX Module needs MMF.
  • I like the Preplogic practice exams. I've used it on Security+ and I'm using the demo Net+ now. I like because it gives scenairo questions. Just my opinion tho. Good Luck!!!!
  • Congrats!!! Dont forget to add you cert to the list in your profile
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  • RegretThink wrote: bsm2 wrote: got my voucher number today in mail great deal on network+ $208.00 price got it for $99.00 Was it a voucher they sent in the mail or was it just credit to buy it online? When does it expire? When did …
  • Congrats!!!!
  • congrats!! Question.... Does this test have questions releated to subnetting? I read post that says a lot about Novell, Linux and other OS? Just wondering.
  • Hey, Of all the items you currently have, you should be okay. If you want some practice questions, I recommend going to www.preplogic.com and downloading the demo. The demo is 1 of 3 tests they have for the practice test engine. It has 84 questi…
  • congrats!!!
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  • Hey, I'm not fimilar with Transcender but I would recommend downloading the practice demo at PrepLogic.com. I hear a lot about sceniaro questions getting the best of people. I would atleast try it as its a different source. It has 84 questions …
  • Well, we're glad you found the site. I found it a few months ago. Great Information. Dont worry, you'll do fine. GoodLuck!!!! Lets know how you do!
  • Congrats!! I just finished my Security+ a few weeks ago. I came here for a lot of informatioin. You are correct. This is a great site!. They have info about all the certs!! Speaking, I'm currently studing for the Network+. I cant wait to ta…
  • Congrats!!!! Anything else on the list?
  • Congrats dude!!!!!! Whats is up next?
  • muyloco286 wrote: i didn't pass with a score of 525. there were too many scenario questions, which i knew i was unprepared for since books hardly cover those aspects of troubleshooting a network of mixed OS and NOS. there were no questions on t…
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  • WingedTek wrote: Just to let you guys know I passed it this morning with a 792. Even though I got more harder questions than the first test, I guess I read up on alot of things I missed the first time. I think I took a lot more time through it tho…
  • rkirk wrote: I have been goin over the tech notes on this site and they are helpful however I'm wondering if any one can recommend a good book that I can use in conjunction with tech notes. Also does it make more sense to obtain network+ before se…
  • mgmguy1 wrote: Great Job, what materials,Websites did you use? I have spent the last few weeks studying Unix/Linux and Novell. I think I have a pretty good handle on PAP,CHAP,EAP,RDP,RADIUS, ptables – Tables , Chains and Rules. I am getting 95 p…
  • WingedTek wrote: snadam wrote: ksimpson wrote: I know you're still not in the test. How you do???? Actually I failed (first time I failed an exam). I only needed 5 more points to pass! Its wierd because the actual test see…
  • gabrielbtoledo wrote: Congrats, and just for your information, a lot of hospitals use Novell as their network. And Universities! I work at one and we use Novell. lol
  • Thanks!! For what I read, this exam is no joke. I read that there are alot of scenario questions. I wopuld thought alot of port numbers and OSI model. The best bet is to learn it all or atleast TRY!! lol. Thanks Again!
  • Yes! TGT is the correct acro for the term!
  • Mquestions had it spelle dout foe me. (*Like it didnt know that they were talking about! haHa) it was mainly like... blah blah blah TGT (Ticking Granting Ticket) Blah blah Blah.
  • Hey guys, Sorry about the part about the 2007 version of the exam. I actually read the entire post. I know the Objectives are the same. Can ya answer the other question. Thanks.,
  • elegua, Question for ya. What exam did you find more difficult? Network+ or Security+ Thanks.
  • Congrats!! Whats next?
  • All, Just a quick note that I passed with flying colors the second time I took the exam. Now personally, I'm not nearly overjoyed about this due to the following: 1. The questions were completely different than the first time I took it. 2. A …
  • Man, you are sitting on top of seveal certs. What are you nervous about? I'm sure you will do just fine. Goodluck!
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