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  • I was in a similar situation looking for practice tests, I can't recommend MeasureUp highly enough for this. Really helped me narrow down what I needed to work on but more importantly they do give good explanations and technical details so you know …
  • You said you have a decent knowledge-base with systems, troubleshooting, etc, and supporting friends and family. I was in a situation not totally unlike yours and put a brief ad on Craigslist about computer help and, through good work and word-of-m…
  • Sometimes I think people get too hung up on the versions of these certifications. While I don't think Windows 8 is seeing a lot of corporate adoption, much of the material on the exams is similar and they test a lot of the same skills (in my opinio…
  • I was in a similar situation with the MTA's and I wanted a higher-level cert. Windows 7 will remain valuable in the market for a long time to come, and I think a certification like the MCSA is a great way to put some of your skills on paper (assumi…
  • I know a lot of people dislike the MS Press books, but the one for 70-685 I thought was actually quite good. Poulton's 70-680 book is also excellent and I thought it actually helped with the 70-685 as well. I was able to pass both exams between Po…
  • I found the real value in the MeasureUp tests to be that they showed me areas where I had weaknesses. Really more of a study aid. I didn't consider them to be a good indicator of my readiness for the actual exam.
  • 4_lom wrote: » Congrats man! Most difficult Win7 exam IMO. You plan on taking the 686? Think I'm taking a break now, for a while at least. Does passing that give another MCSA/MCITP in this case?
  • JasminLandry wrote: » Congrats!! I'm actually taking mine on Monday. Any last minute tips? Thanks, and good luck to you on Monday. My general last-minute strategy for almost any test is to make sure you have at least a familiarity with eve…
  • @olaHalo: I find myself in almost the same situation...passed the 680 with 740 (not as comfortable as I would have liked). Any materials you'd recommend for the 685?