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  • How many questions were there on the exam 40 or 50? Congrats on the pass btw!
  • How many questions were there on the exam 40 or 50? Congrats on the pass btw!:)
  • When I took this exam I used the Network + Exam Cram, Professor Messer Network + Videos and CBT Nuggets Network + Videos By Keith Barker. If you have any questions just drop me a message!
  • Solution found! I disabled the hardware within the VM (CD/Floppy/USB) and the VM's are now rebooting successfully with no issues. This is only a temporary workaround but hopefully when VMWare get their act together they will release an update/…
    in Help!! Comment by rejaz November 2012
  • Paul, There are a few users affected, as far as what I can see on the VMWare forums, I had asked VMWare for support but they are asking for £74.95 + VAT to answer my support query. I wont give up looking for a solution on this issue! Thanks…
    in Help!! Comment by rejaz November 2012
  • It happens with the Linux LiveCD aswell, My windows 7 OS is fully updated.
    in Help!! Comment by rejaz November 2012
  • Anthony, The CPU is down to one core on the VM clients, I built directly from the OEM Disk, also thats not possible as I have a HP and its under warranty so can't risk that Paul, My host OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit, with 4GB Ram.…
    in Help!! Comment by rejaz October 2012
  • Anthony, I can confirm Hardware assisted virtualization is enabled within the BIOS, I have already re-downloaded a fresh copy of VMWare from their Official website, I also can confirm the preferred virtualized setting for the VM's are all set to …
    in Help!! Comment by rejaz October 2012
  • I have a Intel Core i3 CPU, also it gets stuck on the VMWare Splash Screen (I have uploaded a screenshot), I have a 64bit OS on my host machine aswell. The VM's get stuck on this regardless of have OS I have installed within the virtualized en…
    in Help!! Comment by rejaz October 2012
  • Right, The problem occurred before and after I installed VMWare Tools, It happened even when I first installed the VM. I even tried to install the VM tools and on reboot the VM froze. Also I wouldnt know what to look for when looking throug…
    in Help!! Comment by rejaz October 2012
  • I have 2GB with 2 CPU cores allocated, I can run everything fine within the windows vpc but not vmware....
    in Help!! Comment by rejaz October 2012
  • I have gone through many posts and nothing helpful has came up, I have even tried posting on the actual vmware website and none of them "experts" can work it out either.
    in Help!! Comment by rejaz October 2012
  • When I studied for the A+ I used Windows 7 Ultimate with a VM running XP Mode. That way I can cover the differences between the OS's. Also certain folders and files are named differently (Example the user profiles in XP are stored in Documents…
  • The best way to learn certs is by doing it slowly and going over the concept one step at a time, the amount your paying for this bootcamp is unbelievable. Watch messers videos and buy good reading material and you should be good to go
  • Pauline, If your based in the UK, there is a ITIL course for 3 days which most of my colleagues have took and the exam is at the end of the course which they have all passed successfully without any issues. The course is undertaken with a comp…
  • Servers are mainly implemented in a Distributed networking model (Domain), meaning all the accounts, files and security is all managed centrally rather than it all be managed independently on each system which is a peer to peer model (Workgroups), …
  • When I took my MCITP I used Darril Gibsons sybex book and the CBT Nuggets in all fairness they were okay, I also used Measure up which werent a big help because some of the questions within Measureup were completely irrelevant to the preparation of …
  • MJohnsonres wrote: » I always recommend because it's cheap for students ($85) and you have access for 3yrs. Fair enough it might be cheap, but will it have the rich content and Q&A's explanations needed to pass this exam?
  • Well done, good luck on your next cert , Plus im taking Network + next Friday if you have any tips that could help me out please let me know , I would really appreciate it !!
  • Im currently planning to take the exam next Friday, but I have used the Examcram ,Professor Messer and a few practise questions. I have noticed the Exam cram misses out some vital pieces of information needed to be exam ready so I would 100% reccome…
  • I wouldn't recommend you change the folder path because that could cause major complications to your user profile because all of your user settings are stored in there and also some programs are set to collect their information from that folder path.
  • Question 2 in today's industry is ATX and for the exam it is ATX. BTX is only used because of it cooling capabilities, Questions 3 I think if you watch all the professor messer videos and then compare what you know to the actual exam objectives, …
  • If you were to get questions on the A+ it would be things like what todo if a printer isnt working, make sure its on, restart print spooler, kill jobs in the print queue, make sure it has the correct drivers, The maintenance kit contains a feed roll…
    in Printers? Comment by rejaz August 2012
  • even for that price im going to stick with windows 7 lol, I might just create a VM with the Windows 8 trial on it
  • To be fairly honest, I think having the Windows 7 certifications would be more beneficial because it is being widely implemented by companies around the world and my opinion on Windows 8, is that it is too fairy for the business world. Overall I …
  • Well done for passing!, Go for Network + next!
  • The 70-680 is a mini version of the 70-685 but, This exam is not difficult to pass, when I did it the questions were worded in a way to confuse the guy taking the test. But if you revise hard enough you will learn to rule out most of the answers the…
  • Keep me informed on how it goes!!
  • Hi mate, I used the CBT Nuggets and the Sybex 70-685 to 70-686 for this exam, but I would recommend you use this book! 9780735627093 MCITP Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-685): Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician Book/CD Package : COMP…
  • Yeah I have my 70-680!, I'm looking todo the 685 in a few weeks hopefully