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  • i dislike laptops so its going to always be a PC until they become extinct :P
  • DoubleNNs wrote: » My opinion - if you have no networking experience, get Odom's book. If you have experience but want to get the cert to supplement the experience, get Todd Lammle's book. Lammle's book is much more enjoyable to read, but hard to …
  • i found this book looks good Amazon.com: Cisco CCNA in 60 Days (9780956989291): Paul William Browning: Books Also whats the diffrence betweet GNS3, packet tracer & a paid CCNA simulator?
  • I highly recommend CBT nuggets by mike Shannon. I used it for 10 days as my only preparation and passed
  • I have read that both Lammle and Odom books are both excellent and thats why i am getting them both. This is what i usually do i double up on books for a second view point on subjects. It works well for me
  • I am going to schedule this exam in 10 days time, any tips? Also i am finding this exam extremely boring to study i dont know if you guys feel the same. Its my first MS exam but i am thinking of switching to Linux.
  • Microsoft is NOT giving away a free voucher for 74-409 only 50% discount?
  • So unless i am using an authentication protocol alongside the connection protocol, the connection protocol will authenticate using LCP packets Thanks Trashman that explains it for me gbdavidx i am studying for a MS exam as i explained not CCN…
  • I am currently using this book for a month now. Advantages - most detailed with bullet points style and highlights key sections. It also has 2 Exams ( 1 in book and one on the CD) with detailed explanations. Disadvantages - i hate the writing st…
  • There is like 10 books i want to certify but i make $5200 a year and my car got stolen a month ago (true). My point is i can link them all but whose going to actually buy them for me? :P
  • I agree i took A+ first in order to change careers but found out i knew most of the material and it was not really a good investment as it carries very little weight on the job. If you are familiar or have worked with PCs before id say skip A+ and g…
  • Hi Darril, I also would like to know if a new book will be out. If not then i am going to go for the SY0-301 before it ends at the end of the year in order to use your book for the exam.
  • I am currently burned out studying for 70-680, the GUI is click click clink & more clicking... boring boring boring! i am thinking of getting linux+ when am done with MCSA win7. I was so bored i actually took a 7 day holiday a month early and tr…
  • congrats!
  • I am thinking of going for Linux+ for a few reasons: 1. to satisfy my inner desire to learn Linux & feel smart 2. i am finding studying for 70-680 boring except for the CLI parts 3. i am also beginning to see the benefits of Linux for admini…
  • i just finished reading Don Poultons book, there are many GPO in the book and I am not sure what i need to know for the exam. Should i know the nods only or should i be able to know what the objects themselves can do?
  • Congrats!
  • 5 my lucky number!
  • robS thanks for the clarification i was wondering what those numbers on the cert diagram mean. However, it seems expensive and time consuming to go for the MLAC. What online course are you taking? How much does it cost?
  • Hey adramelec thanks for replying. Its confusing do i need to pass all 10 exams or i should choose between intermediate Lifecycle and intermediate capability (5 exams)? Do i need to pass all exams to earn a certificate ?
  • Congrats! These are some good results, should be good motivation for the CCNA but it should be much tougher. I did the Network+ exam but i didn't enjoy it very much so i skipped CCNA and started on Microsoft Exams. Maybe because it was too the…
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  • Its good that you have set a goal for yourself, you are aiming very high and you are willing to work hard to get there. You should use this to your advantage and with enough motivation, determination, good life and career decisions and maybe some lu…
  • I had no professional IT experience but with a background similar to yours and it took me a month of study to pass the exam with a score of 861. So Yes it can be done! In my opinion Tech school programs would be good for practical certifications …
  • Ok its fixed! I also shared my full public profile so that it is completely visible to everyone.
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  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/ramytawfik I recently set up my LinkedIn a weak ago since i am looking for my first IT job. I am also in the process of changing careers, so feel free to critique it as much as possible I believe that LinkedIn is th…
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  • Since i earn around $5200 a year (that is not a typo lol) i would like to make extra money to cover certification and book costs. I tried Freelance.com but without much luck. Can anyone suggest any legit online jobs related to IT support for people …
  • Congrats coloradogeek99 ! Good luck to everyone taking their exam or looking for a job
  • Congrats on Passing!
  • I had a friend come up to me with his new i7 build and told me that only 2 GB out of 4GB (2X2) is showing up on the OS. I first expected a bad module but after testing both modules on a different PC they were fine. To make matters worse i found that…