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  • Staunchy wrote: » It was good but the thing I hate about bootcamps is they cramp a **** load of theory into 1 week. Did both ACMA and ACMP, the RF protect stuff is pretty awesome can bring down other people wireless Before this cause I have ne…
  • How was the mobility bootcamp and what did you think of the training? Did you go to the ACMP one and how much Aruba experience did you have going in?
  • I look forward to hearing your feedback on the experience. I'll make sure to follow up with you in two weeks or so. Thanks!
  • Any word if the official training is decent and if so do you have a link? Looking on their site there are lots of references to it, but I didn't see anywhere to register or dates/places of sessions.
  • That was three years ago though... I don't want to have to try and remember that far back :P
  • For those of you that may be curious, I simply removed the CF cards from both the 2811 and 2821, backed them both up, replaced the 2821 contents with the 2811 contents, inserted the CF card into the 2821, and it booted just fine. It's now using 15.…
  • One more followup question to this. I thought the extra router I'd be getting would also be a 2811, but it turned out to be a 2821. Can I still copy the entire flash directory from the 2811 to the 2821 to get CME on it? Also, the 2821 doesn't hav…
  • One more followup question to this: The router I'm getting is a 2811 with CME 8.6 included. I have access to another 2811 without CME. Can I copy the CME files from the new router to the old router via TFTP to add CME functionality to it and if…
  • Right now I'm still working with just CME in my studies, so I made sure the 2811 I bought just included it. When I get to the point in my studies where I need to start working with CUCME, I'll borrow the media from work and install it in demo mode;…
  • I found the Cisco hardware compatibility list and based on that information, I got: 2811 Router w/IOS 15.1, CME 8.6, and a PVDM2-16 VIC-4FXS/DID VIC2-2FXO My only remaining question is will the PVDM2-16 provide enough DSP power for this? …