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  • I would suggest using a combination of all the material you listed. It's all excellent, and each serves its purpose in getting you certified. Maybe use Darril Gibson's book to learn the material with Professor Messer to supplement that. Then proceed…
  • Darril wrote: » Congratulations on the pass. It looks like you're building a solid foundation of certifications. Good luck with your next adventure. First, thank you to everyone who congratulated me. Second, thanks for the well wishes..…
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  • movingzachb wrote: » Congrats man. I am taking mine on the 30th. Good luck. From my experience and several others that I talked to who took it last week, my best piece of advice: Know your cryptography and authentication.
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  • Sorry about the late reply. It's hard for me to say. I feel like the MTA was the easier test, but I had an easier time on the Net+ (and scored better on it) due to the fact that when I took Net+ I spent more time preparing than I did for the MTA.
  • jamesleecoleman wrote: » Congratulations on the pass. I was thinking about taking this exam but I would like to look through the book to see the information. Are you going to take any other MTA exams? I'm thinking about the software develop…
  • Thanks! Security is next! I think I'll be buying Darril's book for that one. As for trouble areas... My exam was extremely heavy on troubleshooting so I guess I missed most questions in that area. Though I saw a lot of wireless, security, cables, an…
  • Congrats on the pass! I'm going to be going into Security+ soon also. Can you link the Darril Gibson book?
  • Thanks everyone! To answer a few questions... I used Tamera Dean's Network+ book (Network+ Guide to Networks (Networking (Course Technology)): Tamara Dean: 9781423902454: Books) The version I used was a school assigned text book, a…
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  • Passed! 787!
  • UPDATE!!! I'm taking the exam tomorrow!!
  • I used Tamara Dean's Network+ book to initially learn the material, and I'm using the Exam Cram to prep. Same book I used for the MTA. Though I only read a few chapters before the MTA, and I just now finished the whole book. EDIT: I just took the…
  • Grats on the pass! I'm freaking out over mine, which is in 5 days hehe
  • Cable length and speed Subnetting... Probably will never understand subnetting.
  • Thanks!!
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  • Each test is a randomized 100 questions out of a pool of 1000 possible questions (at the minimum, it could be more). The poster above me is wrong also about the minimum score to pass. Each question is weighted differently, some are worth more points…
  • cmitchell_00 wrote: » Congrats on the pass! How long did you study? What material did you use? Read about 5 chapters of the Exam Cram book for Net+, I'm in a class for Net+ so I read the course book which took a little over a semester. Goin…
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  • Used Jean Andrews and Exam Cram... Exam Cram is good enough, hated Jean Andrews' book. Mike Myers is worse
  • JDMurray wrote: » Juniper has a very good intro to networking/telecommunications Flash-based eLearning module at Click on the Take the Networking Fundamentals eLearning course l…
  • usagent27 wrote: » i would give Darill Gibson's book a try. worked for me Don't really have time to buy a new book Was just wondering if prepping for CompTIA's Net+ would be enough or if I should research some specific topics also
  • Petrinoda wrote: » Oh.. One more question pertaining to this topic. Say you pick 2.. But only one of your 2 answer are right. Do you get partial credit for that question ? Or is the question just deemed completely wrong? I took the A+ ex…