SANS Short Quiz for GCIH, GSEC, GSLC (50 questions!)

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    Thanks! I just took the GSEC one, I got 66%. Is it similar to the real exam?

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    I didn't look at these in particular, but assessments are not really similar to the GIAC exams. They're for determining whether you might be already familiar enough with the concepts to take (or not take) the class.
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    Very weak on Linux and Routing. Strong on Windows and not too bad on everything else. With proper studying, I could pass this exam. Thanks for sharing this.
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    With proper studying, one can pass any exam. I'd like to emphasize that these assessments only provide a hint to what's taught in the respective courses. There's a ton more in the SANS materials than what may be implied in a simple assessment.
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    Thanks for the post Lionel! Are these the only exams SANS offers for assessments?

    I cant speak to the rest of the exams but I took the self assessment for GCIH and out of the 50 questions, at least 30 of them are the same as the official practice exam. With the practice exam being fairly similar to the real exam, this is a great extra resource.
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    I found GSLC posted on their site while researching for it How to Pass the GSLC Exam
    For GCIH and GSEC, I found it by changing the GSLC word to respective certification from GIAC. I only found this 3 among all assessment. Dorice is right, these are per-preped assessment, I had yet to look into it and see how close it is compare to the actual exam.
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