Passed ITIL-F Exam

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Second try for me. Score was 85%. i just had to take the time and break it all down. The Liz Gallacher ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide was very helpful. And the ITIL® Foundation Essentials The exam facts you need book by Agutter was great for summarized reviewing

As mentioned before, I was too lenient in the studying considering a number of post said it was easy and only took a few days of studying. I had to spend several weeks to break it down. Oh by the way, the questions are different compared to the Foundation Exam Study and online test such as GreyCampus. You really have to learn all parts. Once you learned it, the questions weren't that bad. Stay away from **** or practice tests.



  • tmtextmtex Posts: 326Member
    I like you are on my 2nd try and will be this week. Yes I already have the practice exams memorized. The first time, I went by the "Oh it super easy" I took a 3 day class, did a little studying , took the test and was in shock with question #1. I was like What is this ?
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    Yea dont bother with any practice exams. I think I recognized maybe two? I am sure the exam is rewritten to combat illegal ****. As long as you read books carefully, you will pass on these questions. I would even stay away from video training like GreyCampus or CBT Nuggets. Good luck
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    Congrats! best luck for your future.
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    Congrats to you!!
    If I may ask, how do you plan to use it?
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