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I came onto this website in search of good ITIL RCV practice exams. There seems to be a paucity online and there doesn't appear to be any on here either. Can anyone point me to a cheap or free resource for these types of exam? The online course I'm doing is powerpoint and presenter voice-over based one and there are questions and a mock exam at the end of all 7 processes, but i need more to keep me on track as I go along, rather than just at the end, if you follow me. I would be gratetful for any helpful suggestions, thanks


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    Unfortunately there are very limited official mock exams for the Intermediate exams. Due to the format people are reluctant to write unofficial ones (whereas simple multiple choice as in the Foundation are straightforward). The exams you have found will be the only ones. For RCV I recommend getting hold of the ST exams also, as they cover a lot of the same topics. The important thing is to use the mocks well - don't just answer them, but see if you can spot the 0,1 and 3 mark answers too - analyse the rationale for each. There are other resources apart from exams available, some free , which I am sure others will recommend to you.
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    Has anyone written the ITIL RCV exam recently? Was the paper easy to answer or was it tough?
    ANy suggestion or links to practice exams would be helpful
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    I found RCV to be 'easy' and I scored very well. The ST exam (to me) was much more difficult.

    The practice exams are available at the Axelos site of from you training provider.
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    Anyone can provide RCV exam **** please.
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