ITIL Foundation Study Guide

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Yay! I just passed the ITIL Foundation exam.

In case it helps others out there, I've created some notes to prepare for the exam.
[URL="https://Yay! I just passed the ITIL Foundation exam.Here's some notes I've put together for the exam. Hope it helps.Best of luck to you all!"][/URL]

Best of luck!


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    What was your study source? FYI, the link is not working for me.

    For study source thinking about 1. itil-foundation-exam-study-guide by sybex and itil foundation essentials by Claire.

    Hope that's enough.

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    Those two books will be more than enough. We've used the Sybex book in the past and had 90+% pass rates by the end of the week (****-free, btw).
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    perfect, thanks Stryder144. Hopefully will sit by end of this month.
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    Hi, i will have an exam this weekend. Does anyone have updated questions?
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