Passed GCCC 93%

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I took and passed the GCCC today with a 93%. I thought this test was actually one of the worst worded exams I've taken from GIAC. There were some really easy questions and some that I had no idea what they were really asking me. There was also some stuff that I dont think was in the books but if you have decent enterprise IT experience you can figure it out. 

I also felt my index was the hardest to make for this exam as it felt like the content was sort of spread out and things can be in multiple spots so I dont really rely on it all too much in the exam. 

Practice test 1-80%
Practice test 2-94%

Up next is the FOR578 and GCTI! 


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    Congratulations on the pass! How long did you take to prepare?

    Interesting that we had such different experiences with this. This was actually the easiest and quickest index I have created because of the repetitive setup ( i.e. business goal, ERD, what % of..., etc). I did not notice any issues with the wording of the questions. I did notice some material that I do not recall reading in the books, but I have that with every exam and I like that exam creators try to one's experience in the field. 
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    markmorowmarkmorow Member Posts: 44 ■■■□□□□□□□
    About 8 weeks. As for my index it was easy and not as normally as detailed as I make it. That really helps me prepare for the exams and then I can quickly confirm the answer with it. I wasn't really able to do that with this test. But I agree it was easy to build, I guess the detail/quality I normally do was harder if that makes sense. 
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