Decided to start on ITIL v3 foundation

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After passing my CCENT, I am now going to embark on studying towards ITIL v3 foundation. I have ordered a book called Passing your ITIL foundation exam, 2009 syllabus.

I also have watched a few videos from IsleBeeBach's Channel - YouTube
I dont know how reliable these vids are but I think they were recommended on techexams by someone.

Is this all i need to pass?
does anyone know where I can get good quality mock tests for this exam?
I have read the sticky at the top of the page but couldn't see anything on this. I know i could easily search for these tests myself but truth is I dont know which ones are good.
I found this site which seems to list some
ITIL Version 3 certification: eight sources of free ITIL V3 Foundation practice exams, and some ITIL Version 2 sources too! | The IT Skeptic
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    icon_redface.gif I hate having to say this but after reading a few pages of "Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam" and watching several videos on the subject, I actually found myself falling asleep during the process (that word frequently pops up in ITIL)

    So am abandoning this "paper tiger" and carrying on with ICND2. Shame really but I may come back to it another time if I can be bothered.
    I'm an Xpert at nothing apart from remembering useless information that nobody else cares about.
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    i actually have the same book and while it is very dry and boring it is a quick read. do the other videos and you will be good to go. I have my test booked for next monday and it is really simple.

    seriously just read the book, get some exams done for it and then sit for the exam. takes about a week to do. way easier than the v2 foundations class I did years ago!
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    I hear you, I keep rescheduling the test because I can't get myself to study for it. It's too dry! Anyway, I'm going to take it tomorrow since I finally read through the book I have.
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    I've been working on this, too. I'm about halfway through the same book, and I'm watching the same videos as I go through each segment.

    Another resource I happened to stumble upon is this:

    IT Process Wiki

    It may help, it may not, but I've been perusing it gently as just an additional study aid. It is an unbelievably dry subject, and I've been really struggling to put remember all the little sub-categories and so on (such as, what are the 3 areas of Capacity Management?).

    Good luck!
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