ITIL Exam - Suggested Course Material [Help needed]

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I'm planning to certify for ITIL v3 Foundation course with new course outline. I would be very thankful if you can suggest us a good Course book, sample questions for the preparation. I have been in IT industry for the past 6 years willing to certify for ITIL.



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    Their are a few companies that offer a complete online package...

    Plexent offers a complete online elearning package for $279 which includes content, mock exam, exam. The content is very interactive and course prepares you very well for the exam.
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    I just passed the exam after reading this book

    Foundations of IT Service Management with ITIL 2011: Brady Orand, Julie Villarreal: Kindle Store

    Supplemented by some practice questions (with answers described in detail) from this book

    100 ITIL Foundation Exam Questions: Brady Orand: Kindle Store

    I found the sample questions in the book to be much more difficult than the exam. Between those two, I had no trouble with the actual exam. I linked to the kindle versions as they are significantly cheaper than the paperback versions. You dont need a kindle, you can download the kindle app for PC and read it through that. 15 dollars for both books.

    I think the book may not have given me an in depth understanding of ITIL, it certainly gave me enough to pass the exam, I just wish it gave some more practical examples of how to implement what the theory. Maybe a course might be much better at that.
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