Starting to prepare for SANS Certifications

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Hello My Deal Friends,

I have 9+ Years experience in IT Infrastructure (Network,Servers,Desktop), and from the last 5+ years working in Network impementation side dealing with Cisco , Juniper devices. But recently went through some of the articles and got really impressed and planning to move my career into Cyber security . Currently I am CCNA and CCNP (Routing and Switching) , thing is first I checked with some of my friends who already working in Information security field , and some of them suggested to first take CEHv9 certification or get ISACA Certifications like CISA or CISM. or try to prepare SANS Certifications.

I am totally confused. Can someone guide me ?


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    Depending on how you feel about security, I would start small. I would start with Security+ -> CEH -> SANS (501, 503, or 504). That would be my quick guide. Its relatively cheaper than starting out with SEC401 but I feel still gives you great coverage on security. If you feel like you're past Security+ then its okay to jump into CEH. They will want to two years experience in security and you have to apply and take the exam. If you're closer the management route, then feel free to substitute SANS for CISSP for that ROI.
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    Depends on what you want to do... Out what you said: CEH (beginner pen-testing cert), CISA (auditing cert), CISM(managerial cert), and SANS(pretty much anything just depends with what course you take)

    Pick whatever an area of security that interests you and then look at certifications. Just saying Info Sec field doesn't really narrow it down enough. But it does sound like you might have the required experience for the CISSP. Which is wanted by pretty much everyone.
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    if you're new to the infosec realm then most people here will suggest starting with security+ to give a 101-level of everything infosec. once you know what you like, you can drill deeper from there. security+ is a great starting point
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    GSEC would be good.
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    Will you be paying for your own certs? SANS certs are awesome but the training is very expensive.
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    Also, when people ask about what Certs to work on. I usually recommend they go search job listings for the type of work they want to do and see what Certs are most sought after. I hate to say it but having the right certs can get you past some low level HR/Recruiter screening and keep you in the running for some jobs.
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