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Good Morning Guys,

I was wondering if you could help me with an Excel issue?

I want to create a backup spreadsheet for our backups that run each night. Each day we insert a tape for the backups to run to but I want to record what tape goes in each day and what comes out. So in the spreadsheet i want to put in the word IN and i want that cell to automatically turn to green and once the tape has come out i want to insert the word OUT and the cell to turn red. Then the tapes are taken off each day to offsite storage.icon_rolleyes.gif

Thanks for your help.


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    Would a simple 'Conditional Format' not work?

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    Conditional Formatting is your friend. :)
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    Phalanx wrote: »
    Conditional Formatting is your friend. :)
    For sure...

    Excel is such a cool app, there's not much that can't be automated. I use it a lot with the likes of VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP as well as Conditional Format, to name but a few functions. I really like using Access as well, although it allows for some 'bad practice' so far as Databases go, but I suppose it was a case of 'Make it as easy to use as possible'. It was a bit of a shock when I learned to use SQL!
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