Flavor of Linux for Linux+?

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I am thinking about acquiring the Linux+ certification next year. What flavor of Linux distro should I install so I can practice for it on a VM? Ubuntu? Red Hat?
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    You'll need to use both during your study.
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    As I am working towards my 103 before the end of the Month, I have setup 2 VM's with virtualbox. One Centos (With gui), and one Ubuntu. These were recommended to me via a course mentor through WGU and I have found these Distros are great for studying from.
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    The Linux Foundation for the win!
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    Linux Academy provides cloud servers that you can spin up (6 simultaneously) in over 16 different distros including Ubuntu & Red Hat so you can practice on all of them without having to worry
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    A simple vm install of ubuntu and CentOS is all you need. Most of the exam is a simple task or config file location that is different for the two distros so you need to know both.
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    chrisone wrote: »
    The Linux Foundation for the win!
    How were the Linux Foundation exams compared to Linux+ and RHCSA? I was thinking of going for LFCSA for the sole reason of getting the MCSA - Linux certification. The idea of a Microsoft-sponsored Linux certificate amuses me.
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    I'd say just use a regular Debian VM and for Red Hat just download CentOS.
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