Gauging CTT+ (Video) Interest

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There has been quite a bit of posting recently regarding the CompTIA's CTT+ exam, especially the video portion.

The video portion is a bit difficult to do. I am told that most of the CTT+ failures are because of a video being submitted that didn't meet CompTIA's requirements. Personally, I attended a class that was focused solely on producing a submission ready CTT+ video.

I want to be clear. Anyone can be a trainer without earning the CTT+. However, the CTT+ is one of the possible requirements to become a trainer for many vendor training programs. I can also pass on to you some valuable tips that have helped me when doing training; some that I knew and some that I learned along the way.

I can also offer this at a significantly lower rate than I've seen offered by other vendors.

I am currently planning a CTT+ video course, tentatively set for August 8th and 9th in Dallas, TX. The result of this course will be a submission-ready CTT+ video.

The details are:
    Date: August 8th and 9th (weekend) Location: Likely at my office in Dallas, could possibly be held closer to the airport Seats: 7 are available, but I will need a minimum of 5 people to run this class Cost: $800 (Does not include exam fees) Content: This course is focused primarily on producing submission-ready videos. It is not a class that primarily teaches one how to speak in public or how to be a good trainer. However, some information about delivering good training, controlling your audience, and good speaking habits will be presented. Prerequisites: None, but it would be nice if attendees have already completed the written portion of the exam

Please feel free to respond here or by PM if you are interested. The proposed dates are flexible, and if there is enough interest I can run more of these. I am also planning to be in Chicago from 7/27 to 7/29, and could hold one of these up there either before or after those dates if there is significant interest.

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    What bar will we be going to Saturday night? Will there be a make-up artist available to make us look less hung-over when we record our video the following day?
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    dynamik wrote: »
    Will there be a make-up artist available to make us look less hung-over when we record our video the following day?

    I'm sure your normal makeup will be sufficient.

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