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dear members...

my background is electrical engineering specialized in Telecom (Masters). I have started to be interested in certifications close to my field, espicially tools and common things with my spec. I have passed ccent, my next step would be either CCNA 2nd exam or linux+, i am interested in linux as it is an important tool in Telecom. I do not know about linux, i have got ccent and quite familiar with networks and IP, do u advise to continue for ccna as it won't take long, what about linux+, how much could it take for one with no knowledge in unix-linux?


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    If you have already passed your ICND1, I would recommend finishing up with ICND2 and getting your CCNA while it is fresh on the brain.
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    I concur. Carry your momentum into ICND2. If you take a few months off without touching it, it will feel like starting over. I could have done ICND2 a couple of months after ICND1, but I put it off for a bit and didn't get around to it for over a year later. Just git'r done ;)
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    Agreed. Cisco recommends that users wait the three years between CCENT and CCNA, but that is quite unrealistic.

    Complete your CCNA and then you have three years to prepare for Linux+ :)
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    I'm going to agree with the others and say finishing up your CCNA is the best option. After that, go for the Linux+.

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    thanks guys for your replies...
    ok, about linux+, after CCNA, how hard is it for a guy with no previous knowledge of linux?
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    It'll just take you a bit more to get up to speed. It's entirely doable.
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    md_rezk wrote: »
    thanks guys for your replies...
    ok, about linux+, after CCNA, how hard is it for a guy with no previous knowledge of linux?

    if you are curious and you like it, its not that hard. why dont do both of them???
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