Software Download Center "Entitlement Controls"

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You guys come across this yet? First IOS feature activation on the newer routers and switches, now "entitlement controls" on the download center. If only they would release full timed versions of IOS for training purposes!!

Software Download Centre Entitlement Controls Improved to Protect your Investment

To improve your experience with Cisco and protect your investment in Cisco Products, we're upgrading Software Download Center entitlement controls.
In preparation for this change, we ask partners and customers to complete the following actions before January 2011:

1. Verify that all applicable Cisco Products are covered under Cisco Service contracts, and that you have a valid license for Cisco Software.
2. Verify that your Services contracts are accurate and make necessary corrections - serial numbers, part IDs and locations must be accurate on each Services contract.
3. Associate all Services contracts to applicable user IDs.
4. Verify that all user IDs for your company are valid and properly assigned to individuals in your company.

Starting January 2011, software downloads on will be verified against Products registered on your Services contract. Attempts to download Software for Products not registered on your Services contract will not be permitted.

In an effort to minimise entitlement issues, we encourage partners and customers to directly manage Services contract associations to user IDs via the Service Access Management Tool (SAMT). This tool enables administrators to manage which individuals are allowed to request Service from Cisco (e.g., technical support/TAC, hardware replacement/RMA). users can use the Profile Manager to view which Services contracts are associated to their profiles.


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    I was wondering when they'd close that hole in the download area for getting files you're not supposed to have.

    Either way, I don't use the website for downloading files because its so awful now. Files aren't in the correct place. Files that can't be found at all even though they should be there. Mysterious errors. Disabling FTP access. I just shout at TAC and get them to send me the files now...
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    What?!? They don't give you stuff you didn't pay for?!?! What kind of business model is that?
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    What?!? They don't give you stuff you didn't pay for?!?! What kind of business model is that?


    The bigger problem is trying to prove to them what I have valid SmartNETs for (and doing so on a Friday night while I’m working on-site, out of state). Only about 25% of the devices that we have covered actually show up after I add the contract numbers – And to boot I see other devices that belong to some company in Hawaii (not us!).

    It’s the partners who abuse it (and cost Cisco money) not the people who are trying to become more efficient with their products. Heck, I should get a sales commission for all of the equipment that we’ve pitched to management after being brainwashed by certification studies!!
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