Attempting GIAC GCFE exam (FOR408)

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Hi all,
I'm new to the forum. I attended the SANS conference for the FOR408 Forensic Examiner course with Chad Tilbury in San Deigo.
Has anybody took the GCFE exam? I like to know your experience, is the content much different from the practice exam? What was your study method?

I'm planning to sit in for the exam in 2 weeks. Though I passed the practice exam both within 80-85%, I still don't feel comfortable for the actual exam. I get the feeling the actual will be much different from the practice. I drafted a index for my books and know where to find everything relevant to the topics. I know the bulk of the materials, it is the critical thinking that might scare me. If you have any insight, I would love to hear it.

Thanks in advance.


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    All the GIAC practice exams I've taken have been very similar in experience to the real exam. You'll probably do fine. Relax for a bit, then review the books for one final reinforcement pass and you might be surprised how well you'll do.
    Hopefully-useful stuff I've written:
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    What have you guys used for ExamPrep for GCFE FOR408!?

    Thanks in advance.
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