CAPM Goal Direction

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I may be viewed as a hypocrite or worse but...I will be taking the PMP exam in the next couple of months.
Today I told my assistant (business major student) I wanted her to study for and pass the CAPM. I would
give her the materials and help her after I pass it. And pay for the exam..

I urged her that it would look good for a her to have a business degree and CAPM. Even if she doesn't become
a project manager, it will help her in a business career.


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    Wise decision

    The CAPM is a great certification for project professionals or inspiring project professionals. I found after doing the CAPM, the MS Project 2010 exam being fairly straight forward.

    If she is already pretty good at the processes and learning from you, I would have her focus on MS project if that is your tool set. Big if but I recently certified in MS project 2010 and it's awesome. All the views you can do and managing the financials and schedule all together is great. The more I learn the more I realize how little I know about Project. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I am certified.

    Don't get me wrong I'll run circles around a rookie, but to be a stud it takes years just like Excel. I have Excel down pretty well, there is one other guy who is much better, but he is just a smarter guy. Not a big deal I use him as a resources. I am in the best in the office with Access. I have had several years of schooling in database modeling and design, so just knowing how the application works is my only challenge, which isn't really a challenge anymore.

    Now I just got to keep using Project everyday at work and at home.
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    @n2it, I am trying to help her learn. She's going to get work study credit next semester. I am showing her what profit margins are, overhead, etc. had her working on excel. Basically as much as I can let her.

    The last assistant I had was a computer network major. No work experience. I let him work on some real world network stuff. When he graduated and left my employ his starting salary was 48k. Not bad for a 22yo. I try to give them work experience and pay. It has worked out well. I then point them at someone I know. I can vouch for them. Rinse and repeat, look for another 20 hour assistant. Usually it is for a year or two. Odd maybe but it's feels good to help good kids excel.

    Yes, I use and loathe project. Enough said. Dates changing are the worst. Program changes things just cause it wants to. Resources...Meant to add I will eventually have her work with project. Right now she is busy writing up her work study plan. Also I tasked her with giving me a list of 10 things she wants to learn about business above what the bs is teaching her. She's going to be a good catch when she graduates for a business. :)
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    Sounds good

    Yeah I miss my mentor to be honest. You sound like a great teacher, someone who is willing to take time to train and mentor. Yeah you are mentioning a lot of real world I have had to deal with. Resource utilization, financial forecast, TCPI, CPI, SPI, etc. You get the drift. I love forecasting with Excel and now in Project 2010 I am looking forward to setting up my cost baseline and controlling against any variances. From what I read and have seen Project can do all this in 2010 Professional. It will take some effort, but the funny think is, so many people spend their time getting the MBA or the PMP they never figure out the software.

    Right now in my environment knowing Project good is a huge asset. It can be almost as valuable as having the PMP to be honest.
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    I think it's good advice. Being a good mentor to your reports is always a big positive, in my book.

    Project definitely has a steep learning curve. I wish I had the bandwidth to learn it in-depth right now. I use it a bit here and there but not some of the more advanced and, frankly, awesome features it has. Despite the annoyances and the learning curve, it seems like a great tool to me.
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    Excellent. Not only are you giving your assistant positive direction, but you are providing support rather than just lip service. This will go a long way for the career development of both of you.
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    Hey it's not completely unselfish. I need a good assistant. :)
    Funny you say that I taught for years (part time).
    Yea, I'm banging my head against the wall trying to get all the features out of Microsoft business contact manager....
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    Jacob18 wrote: »
    Hey it's not completely unselfish. I need a good assistant.
    It's consistent with my view that there is no such thing as altruism. :)
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    Now that's a Win - Win!

    ***Side note, I spoke to my former boss and current friend yesterday at lunch and my the former service provider I worked for, said I have a coordinator position waiting for me once/if I return to St. Louis. Not sure if I would be working under my former boss or another engagement manager. Either way it's nice to know you had a major positive impact on the customer and your previous company.
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    @n2it. Good job.

    Always be nice and helpful to people if at all possible. People change positions from companies, government. Here in virginia/dc you see the same faces over and over. they move around. They may be a manufactor rep one year, work for the government agency you are trying to get a job from next year. Good will means a lot in business. Being an ass, arrogant, or incompetent will cost you....Help others and ask for help as well. Just my thoughts.
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    Moving forward I will be asking you for help :)

    I really do appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge.

    BTW Are you on LinkedIN? I am always looking to Link In.
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    I don't know. I have Facebook, strictly personal. I get enough sales calls, interruptions as it is. A business social media..I'll think about it.
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    Sounds like a wise idea :) J/J
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