70-640 vs 70-680

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I have been reading a lot on Microsoft making a few name changes to the Windows 7 and Server 2008 Certs. Regarding the retirement of the 70-680 test, is it still worth taking? is been fully retired or only the name is been changed? what is the main change been done to the 70-680? Also, which would be the more recommended Certs to take between the 2 exams I have mentioned? I personally love working on servers, I have a lot of interests in servers and I am looking to get more into system admin type of career path. Any advice and suggestions would very much appreciated.



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    Best option will be MCITP:SA which you can upgrade to 2012 with one exam later. For 70-680 there are no clear answers, as of now its still relevant as most corporations are switching to Windows 7 hence no harm in doing it. However, if you wants the latest and the greatest on your resume you can wait for Win 8 later this year.
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    Companies are just started migrating to the windows 7 clients. So, taking 70-680(windows 7 configuration) is worth taking. :)
    2-for-1 exam vouchers are still available before june 30th. (u can get both windows 7 and windows 8 certificates for the price of 1)

    no comment on windows server 2008 vs windows server 2012 though. :X
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    I believe the route to get the MCITP:SA are 70-640, 642 and 646 right?
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    I believe the route to get the MCITP:SA are 70-640, 642 and 646 right?

    That is correct. This website will give you a list of the retired exams and the schedule for when other exams will be retired.
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