CCNP monkey off my back at last

malcyboodmalcybood Member Posts: 900 ■■■□□□□□□□
Just passed the SWITCH exam today after about 3 years of stop start study towards CCNP due to work commitments and finally got it completed.

I really should have completed CCNP before now to be honest, but work has been non stop for last few years and I failed SWITCH the first time I sat it last year so it put me off sitting it again and just kept delaying it.

Recently been doing specialism exams in data centre for my work and it got me back on the road to study and in the right frame of mind. Been working with switching daily for 5 years, but been more concentrated on niche stuff like load balancing, WAN optimization, GSLB etc during that time. Switching is just a part of the core job these days!

This exam was still really difficult and some of the questions are terribly worded, bordering on ridiculous.

I scored 890 and just glad to finally have the CCNP - as I say it's well overdue.

Beer time even though it's a Thursday and next up for me is CCDP.

I've already got CCDA so only 1 exam away and I've been reading the ARCH book on and off over the last 6 months or so along with doing high level / low level design for 4 years too. Saying that I know there is a plethora of detail in the ARCH book I still need to learn on the DP but it's interesting to me so I'm looking forward to it.


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