Short term vouchers -- expiration?

PA_KidPA_Kid Junior MemberMember Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
So this is more of a general question on CompTIA vouchers, but the one I'm interested in right now is Network+ -- so posting in this forum :)

So there are several sources online that sell slightly discounted vouchers for CompTIA exams rather than buying direct, usually with short term expiration on them. For instance, most of the vouchers you can buy at discount right now expire on 02/15/13.

My question is -- is this expiration date only applicable to the time of redemption? OR - does this also apply to when you need to take your exam? So would one be able to purchase a voucher that expires on 02/15, redeem it prior to the 02/15 expiration date -- but yet schedule your exam for say March 25th (or later)?


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