GCIH Practice Exam - Easy A

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This weekend I took a practice exam for GCIH. The exam contained 150 questions, and took me ~100 minutes to complete. I scored 90% without googling or using external sources. Could've done even better, but I was sleepy and did not care enough.

I have not actually taken the course - part of the reason for taking this practice test was to see how challenging it would be. The practice exam looks really good, it covers a variety of topics from Incident Handling process to technical minutia on tools to identification of various types of attacks. Overall it lives up to the title of a certification on incident handling pretty well.

Now I am somewhat torn. On the one hand, GCIH is one of the most popular GIAC certs for a blue-teamer. On the other hand, seems like I have most of the knowledge already, so not sure if it's worth the money...

CISSP is my shorter-term goal, but I'm shopping for the next SANS class... GPEN, maybe? I'm not a pentester, but I need a technically challenging training...
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    Try course FOR610: Reverse Engineering Malware
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    I just sat through Alissa Torres' sales pitch on the Offensive Digital Forensics class SANS is planning to release..It looks incredible if you happen to have a solid understanding of Forensics techniques and methodologies.
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