2011 foundation - podcasts cant find anywhere and acronyms "real world"??

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Worked in itil enviroments for a years.. however working in itil enviroments lots of keywords/phrases I don't see used in the "real world" of ITIL.. - RACI - Follow the sun etc.

Have been in different companies with different itil infrastructures but some of the words that are on the exam i've never heard of before.. seems strange...

Looking at some of the mock exams and trying them it appears that the key to passing the exam in understanding what the acronyms/key words mean... RACI, SLA, OLA, SLA etc, etc,

Have looked everywhere on the net for acronyms in mp3/similar format to buy so I can listen to in car and can't find anything for them anywhere - there was a link on amazon for something previously mentioned on these forums but they are no longer available.


Any advice on key acronyms for Foundations - say under 20 key acronyms and podcasts so I can listen to these on the train/in the car etc.

Thanks in advance


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    My recommendation? Look up the definitions and what they stand for, write them in your own words, then record yourself giving a class on them to listen to in the car.

    It's free, and the decomposition of terms will help you understand them on a deeper level.

    To directly answer your question, however, I have no idea where such a product could be found or purchased.
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