GSEC Success!!!

Heracles004Heracles004 Member Posts: 50 ■■■□□□□□□□
Walked out of the GSEC today with a 90%, not too bad. Really can't complain considering I didn't have any of the course guides to take in. This weekend I got an 84% on my first practice exam with no notes and then a 91 on the second one. I can say that the practices were a very good representation of what I saw on the real exam. I took in the ALL-IN-ONE guide and used it for probably 10 questions just to verify I had the right answer in mind. Any questions I didn't know weren't in the book anyway.

In preparation for this exam I read the Network Security Bible, the ALL-IN-ONE guide and went through the SANS on demand class. I had a good time with this course and would recommend the material to anyone interested. I Learned much in the month of study leading up to this exam and I look forward to more SANS material in the future.


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